Go-To Weekend Camping Menu

Camping is our jam. We love the outdoors, the time to unwind and the time we get to spend with our kids. Over the years I like to think we've perfected the 3 day camping meal rotation and I'm going to share it with you!

For breakfasts, I like to keep it easy. The kids need to be able to feed themselves ideally while Mr. Blue Sky and I sleep in! I usually pack a few different cereals and some fruit and muffins for them to choose from. Once the adults are up, it's typically coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I used to make and freeze these ahead of time, but honestly.... Mr Blue Sky makes the camping breakfasts so it's WAY easier for me to just wait and have him do it! Another breakfast winner is our Breakfast Pizza. We buy a crust, top it with chipotle sauce, scrambled eggs, sausage/bacon and cheese and bake it on the bbq. Then the kids join us for their second breakfast ;)

Lunches are typically snacks on the go, or if we are hanging around the campsite it's almost always a giant charcuterie board. You can throw enough stuff on there that there's sure to be something everyone likes! Our go to's are cheeses, salami roses, grapes, strawberries, crackers, nuts, veggies, jellies, olives and sometimes a sliced baguette. It's the perfect post beach, happy hour meal. (I'll always toss in some cans of soup and some Annie's in case the kids get picky or hangry)... you know how that goes.

Honestly, I do enjoy the odd day drink so dinner needs to be low maintenance. I also refuse to cook raw chicken in my trailer - it disgusts me. So if we ever have fajitas or anything like that I will cook the chicken at home beforehand. Our go to dinners are tacos in a bag, chicken burgers, chicken fajitas, naan bread pizzas and occasionally regular burgers. It's got to be a team effort and not me just stuck in the trailer slaving away while everyone socializes.

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Invest in an outdoor cooking grill! I used to be stuck in the trailer cooking too…I hated it. Since we got a grill, all the coming is done outside, I can socialize and hubby will step in to help too. Game changer!!!


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