Gift Guide - For Him

Gift Guide - For Him


Blue Sky Keychain - He's always my favourite pain in the ass... if you're into sarcastically loving gifts like me, this would make a great stocking stuffer for a husband, dad, brother....

Lululemon 2 in 1 Travel Duffle Backpack - These are AWESOME! Part duffle/part backpack... the perfect combination of both. A practical non-suitcase for carting around, travel or weekends away.

Customized Yeti - You can really step up his Yeti game by adding some personalization to one... PLUS it won't get lost in the lunch room.

Apple Air Tags - These are great for the guy who travels, for his keychain, inside his backpack, on his bike... anything that he needs to keep track of. I've even considered putting one on my dog's collar!

Blue Sky Personalized Flight Board - For the beer drinker on your list, our flight boards make a great personalized and useable little treasure! Mason jars fit perfectly on the drink side for while he samples his beers and then flip over to a charcuterie side for soaking up said beers with bread and cheese 😉 Both sides are engraveable and can be personalized!

 Wireless Charging Station - a one stop shop for all the things he needs to charge, and even better, all kept in one neat and tidy spot!

Blue Sky Dad Jokes T Shirt - I had to add this one in.... might be a little specific targeting only "Dads" but making fun of his Dad Jokes is just too tempting to pass up! Available in a ton of colours and up to 3XL!

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - We use one of these all the time! On the ski hill in the winter, hanging off our bikes on a bike ride, picnics, floating down the river or even just hanging out at the beach. Super practical and kinda great for a guy who has everything!

One Peak Creative Hoodie - One Peak is an awesome and super talented local company made up of 3 really cool people! We've loved watching them grow and are so grateful to have collaborated on their merch! Their logo is so clean and simple it works to wear if you're a fan... or even if you have no clue who they are!

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