Books that will change your life!

Books that will change your life!

Truth bomb - I stopped all reading after university. The amount of textbooks I had to read daily turned me right off.... of all of it. Then about a year or so ago I started reading Atomic Habits and couldn't put it down. I changed from an on the phone before bed person to a read before bed person! I was addicted! Here you'll find some of my recent faves!

Atomic Habits

I said it before and I'll say it again... THIS BOOK is amazing! Easy to read, easy to implement way to build strong habits and break the bad ones! Pure Gold! Click photo for a link and more info!

5 Minute Journal

If you are new to journalling or trying to focus on gratitude, this is an easy 5 minute a day journal with prompts. It's helped me change m focus entirely! Super easy to use... click the image for details!

Local Love

I love all things charcuterie! This book has the greatest recipes, ideas and displays and is written by a local Vancouver author! Super affordable too... would be the nicest gift to go with a board. What could be better than that??

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