My Charcuterie Board Must Haves

My Charcuterie Board Must Haves

If you follow me on Instagram (follow along here) you may have seen the epic table top sized charcuterie platter I got to make! I was "hired" by my dad to create the biggest board ever for him and his guests. I told him what to purchase, he grabbed the stuff and I spent almost 2 hours playing around and putting it together! It was honestly so much fun and the biggest board I have ever done! While this sized board isn't the size I normally would do it did include some of the standard ingredients I like to include on most of my boards.... and I do make a lot of them! Here are my top board toppers!



  1. Salamis - I usually include a couple of different varieties and am known to make a salami rose or 6. They also fold up real cute into little bite sized packages!
  2. Cheeses - I always include at least 3 different cheeses and it's always mixed up as to which I include. My faves are gouda, Boursin goat cheese (apple maple is the best!), cheddar when my kids are eating too, Laughing Cow Jalapeno soft cheese, aged white cheddar... you really can't go wrong with cheese, just pick your favourites!
  3. Olives - I hate them, but include them for everyone else! Green or Black and stuffed are always appreciated.
  4. Pickled Items - I like to include a couple of pickled goodies and there's more than just pickles! Pickled onions, carrots, asparagus, beans, fiddleheads....
  5. Fruit - Berries, grapes or apples are my go-to's depending on what I have on hand.
  6. Nuts - NaturSource Maple Praline Almonds (from Superstore) are a crowd pleasing fave, but any type of nut or nuts is great!
  7. Crackers - I like to include a few varieties of crackers... as to which you choose it's really personal preference. I like to make sure they are all a bit different.
  8. Jellies - I love to include a red pepper jelly of some sort since it's easiest to find in the grocery stores. However, Taste of the Okanagan makes THE BEST jams & jellies if you're able to get your hands on them.
  9. Other meats - I often include 1-2 other meats aside from salami. Prosciutto, rolled ham or turkey (winner with kids) or pepperoni pieces are my go-tos.
  10. Other options - other items I'll include on occasion are sliced baguette, carrots, cucumber or other veggies and chocolate. The options are truly endless!

I have a few recos for boards and accessories that I'll share below. Obviously I'll always recommend our engraved charcuterie boards as a starting point! Shop here. 

Boards on Boards is one of my favourite books for inspiration AND it's a local author which makes it even better!



 This little set off Amazon is on my to get list! I'm always searching for cute little knives and spoons for my boards and this one has everything!


When I start my boards I usually create the salami rose first! Then build off of that by adding the cheeses fanned around it and then just continue to fill up the board. It's so fun and creative to make them and no board is ever the same! Let me know what your favourite board toppings are and if you've tried any of the ones above!

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