Back to School - My Favourite Ways to start September

Back to School - My Favourite Ways to start September

As soon as mid August rolls around Mr. Blue Sky goes into a deep depression about going back to work... I on the other hand start nesting like I'm 9 months pregnant. My calendar gets filled out four months ahead, every activity gets scheduled, the pantry gets organized, random cupboards and drawers get sorted, all our back to school supplies get organized... I can't help myself. It's like the 2 months of no routine turn me into a routine craving monster! I'm going to dive into a few of my September must haves below...

If you've been here for a while you know I like to RAVE about my Artful Agenda digital planner. I used to shell out $75+ every year for a customized paper planner that I absolutely LOVED - except for one key catch. It didn't transport with me everywhere I went like my phone did and my ical and it didn't magically transport into the hands of my family! I refused to do double duty and write everything in my planner and then put it into my phone.... who has time for that?

So I researched and researched and tried a bunch of different digital apps and then I found Artful Agenda. A digital planner that mimicked my beloved paper planner AND connected directly to my ical AND to each of my family member's icals! Honestly, it is my fave thing ever. I found it on my own and would highly recommend trying it out. You can try free for 3 months using my code RR749395. And for a more in depth look into all it's features check out my other blog post (FAVE DIGITAL PLANNER).

Next on my list of must haves is a personalized water bottle! For school, the gym or even around the house! I'm always shocked at how many of these end up in the lost and found every year - especially considering how expensive the good ones are! That's why we decided to offer up personalized yetis this year... 2 sizes available depending on your thirst level! Throw a name or a logo on there and never worry about a lost water bottle again... You'll thank me in November when little Johnny has lost his mitts, coat and one boot.... but NOT his trusted water bottle!

We all love those back to school photos... they fill my feed every September and I love looking back at my own to see how much the kids change every year! We like to open up sales every August for our back to school chalkboards. We have 2 styles to choose from... one works for any number of kids (see below) - just wipe off the name and details and use it for all 30 of your kids. The other has the name engraved and a little more detail and will work great for those that like to take both first and last day pictures. Orders are open now and will close September 1st.

You may have caught my great pantry clean out over on Instagram last year. My pantry is usually a disaster! This time I upped my game and purchased some of these organizational items off Amazon and from Dollarama and they've been game changers! My pantry has stayed tidy for months! Which is a shocking feat in this house! The canisters below work great for all my pastas, rice, cereal and more and the lazy suzans help keep all my canned goods easily accessible and where I can see them! I use the clear bins for all the kids snacks and baking goods. An organized pantry is a great way to feel more organized.... especially come September chaos and schedules!

 And there you have it! A few of my must haves for September Sanity! Let me know if you've tried any of these below!

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